Image: Detail of Yvonne Rainer's Spiraling Down Photo: Paula Court

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Think of ReadingDance as one foray into the forest of art. It celebrates live dance performance and practice with commentary on all things dance. You are invited to enter a familiar form of virtual dialogue— that between reader and writer.

ReadingDance was a project of NYFA Artspire, a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts in 2011-2012. Many thanks to those who supported us with donations. ReadingDance archives our 2009 - 2012 dance articles.

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Read about artist Beatrice Coron; enjoy a Cynthia Nadelman poem paired with a collage by Bonnie Lucas. Find out what most people don't know about Judson Dance Theate in Daryl Chin's lecture, "Mistaken Identities, Part II."

At nine-years-old, Chin happened upon the dancers performing in Washington Square Park. They gave out flyers for upcoming shows in the adjacent Judson Memorial Church.

It is said that looking at dance is like drinking fine wine. Connoisseurship comes with experience. Chin and Larry Qualls became fixtures in the Judson audience.

"Mistaken Identities," Brooklyn artist and writer Chin's lecture, is an insiders history of Judson and postmodern dance. Further, read about curator Joanna Steinberg's exhibit on the symbiotic, humanistic relationship between the Judson Memorial Church, activism, avant-garde art and performance.

Paula Court kindly lent her image of Yvonne Rainer'sSpiraling Down for use in the no. 3 banner. Court photographs superbly chronicle postmodern dance.


Editor and Publisher Lori Ortiz is a New York City freelance journalist. Her articles and reviews appeared in journals including DANCE, Pointe, The Village Voice, and Gay City News, where she wrote regularly from 2004-2008.

The ReadingDance pilot issue included articles about Nicholas Roerich, Nicholas Leichter, a review of Laura Jacob’s novel The Bird Catcher, a review of Peter Quanz’s and Larry Keigwin’s Guggenheim Works & Process Performance, a Bob Holman poem, and a disco photo album.

ReadingDance no.2 was developed during the writing of Disco Dance by Ortiz. She revisited the popular 70s dance hustle, a quintessential New York dance. The book, for ABC-CLIO Greenwood Press, is in Ralph Giordano’s decade and style themed series The American Dance Floor.